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October 09, 2011 - 01:49 PM
Brian Mendes
Age: 1941-1949

  This is my recollection of the names corresponding to identifer numbers for the 1947 school photo. 10 David Eatwell,16 Clements,20 Hinton,23 Clarke,24 Pheasey,27 Roger Evered,28 Roger Thorne,29 Paul Cowing,36 Gilbert,47 Ashton,103 Bryan Perriman,106 Costin,156 Tait,158 Clive Greenwood,200 Sulsh,207 Lawrence,223 Weiner,238 Barlow,243 Howett,246 Malcolm Hart,247 Brian Mendes,248 Peter Dimmock,251 Sam Rogers,282 Dick Underwood,273 Adams,277 Peter Duerden,278 Alan Bendel,281 Geoff Hutson,283 Brooke,285 Keith Thatcher, 287 Geoffrey Crow,336 Smart.

I recall many of the faces but names escape me. I make no claim for complete accuracy for this list
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September 24, 2011 - 02:27 PM
Gordon Deas (Deas 2)
Age: 1942 - 1949

  IN the school photograph 1947 I can fill in some name to numbers
John A.G. WILkinson-04
John Gray 21
G.J.Deas 08
and I believe Roger Everard is No. 13, not positive though
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July 23rd, 2008 - 10:43 AM
John Bryant
Age: 1961-1966

Neil - the letter will be sent out mid August. However Robin Marriott will put you down for a ticket and attached to this e mail is the form that will come out in the letter so you can fill it in now and send to Robin with a cheque. How's that!
Come and say hello at the lunch - I have had a place in Spain for over 20 years - Mojacar, Almeria Province.
John Bryant
PS See you started at the School in 1962 the year after me - I thought the name was familiar. It would be good to get more members from your year. We have a "Year of 61" club and we all keep in touch, meet up etc Suggest you do the same!
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July 1st, 2008 - 7:48 pm
Neil Coffey
Age: 1962-1969

  Good evening,
When will you be sending out notification of September’s Annual Luncheon, and is it possible to make an advanced booking? As I live (and work)in Spain, sometimes mail takes a bit longer to reach me. As I have not been to a previous Annual Luncheon, but have already purchased my ticket for the weekend, I would like to be sure of finding a place at table.
Thanks in advance.
Neil Coffey (1962 – 69)
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October 4th, 2006 - 8:04 PM
Peter Martin
Age: 1950-1956

I am an Old Boy of early 1950's vintage. I also have the 1954 panorama pic & if you are interested can name every one in Form V - the famous back row....! I am a keen genealogist & am busy on my family history & am including the old school. I have prepared a summary of the schools history extracted from FM Bancroft's excellent book & can pass that along too, if I am not treading on any toes. I also have a staff photo from 1958 with names...!
I read with interest about the Turvey picks & would be very keen to get hold of anything in which I may have featured - any chance of seeing what you've got?

Peter Martin
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Oct 3rd, 2006 - 8:00 PM
Ian (Jock) Calder
Age: 1961-1966


Please see the attached.
It is recent photo of Dobbin Brown ( not many in existence) It has been sent to help me identify him when we go to SA for a holiday later this month.

He has given me permission to pass it on to you and said publish if you dare.

In some things he has not changed he used to buy and rebuild old wrecks when we were young but he now does this with more up-to-date kit now.

Hope that it is of some use

Ian (Jock)
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Oct 2nd, 2006 - 7:23 PM
Tony Combes
Age: 1948-1954

  Hi David

When we met on the Saturday lunch I gave you a video disk without much explanation.

It's digitised transfer from 8mm film made by my father George. The first clip was from the school CCC sea cadet section on field day camp on the Thames at Marlowe circa 1953. The Officer in charge was one Lt 'Pongo' Welsh who gave up his time on Thursdays to instruct us ratings (about a dozen) in seamanship. I was the leading seaman and the hope was to enter the Navy for national service. It didn't work, I ended up in the army.

The second clip shows the opening of the Rugby Club's new clubhouse in Bulls pond Lane by the Mayor of Dunstable 'Fudger' !! Humphh !! Lack who was also our physics master and deputy head. The celebratory match was against a side provided by the Wasps from London.

There are glimpses of the head 'Basher' Bailey and {no nickname) Milne the formidable maths master. Our team was lead by Jimmy Hamilton with John Seamark as our star player.

Also in the team was John Hill the father of Richard one of the best wing forwards ever to play for England' The remaining clips give an impression of the standard of those days with the brown ball, the baggy shorts and differing coloured shirts.

I don't know if you will be able to use this footage it somehow takes me back to a different age. I have attached a school panorama for the year 1952 which I think fill a gap on your great website.

Tony Combes

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Oct 2nd, 2006 - 9:21 AM
John Bryant
Age: 1961-1966

Anne - it all went well on Saturday.  Thanks for getting the photographer along.  
102 ODs present (well actually 101 as we didn't see Steve) from all over the country (we have nearly 500 members), including a new member Jim Perkins over from the States. Colin Bourne (author of Bourne and Bred) was also able to attend this year (he now lives in Dorset).
David Durnford had driven up from Cornwall, having left home at 5.30 a.m. - he has been responsible for putting together the Association's website.
For the last fifteen years the lunch has been organised by Philip Buckle who now feels it is time to stand down from the role and let younger members take over.  The DSOBA Chairman, John Bryant, in his speech of thanks doubted that Philip would ever take a back seat role!
Guests were:-
Jack Brennan - former PE master - he was at the school from 1955 through to 1971 and then on to Manshead until his retirement in 1989 (in fact his entire teaching career was at the 2 schools). Still fit - plays golf regularly.
Richard Walden - he talked about his time at Wellingborough GS (very similar to DGS - cane etc!) and on to the Ashton Foundation of which he is Chairman. It was news to many ODs that the Foundation still owns the School! It was a most interesting talk and well received by members.
The Chairman, took the opportunity to thank Richard for all that he had done for Dunstable and wished him well in his retirement next year.
Richard, in response, acknowledged the part that Dunstable Schhol had played in the history of Dunstable sinced it was founded in 1888 and continued today through the Association.
The vote of thanks was given by Julian Murch - Dunstable resident and fellow Rotarian.
It was announced  that there would be joint 2 lunches with DRUFC for this season - Nov 25 and March 3 - to build on the relationship that has been developed between the two clubs.
Anne - I hope this is what you were looking for!  If you require any further info please call me.
A thought - when the article is produced could it be made available please in electronic format to distribute to far flung members?  I guess, having said that, that we could (subject to permission of course!) include a copy of the article in the January letter.  Could it be put on the website?

John Bryant
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